Jewellery Care

As with all jewels, over time the wear of the piece depends on how they are used and stored.

Store your jewelry comfortably, preventing it from colliding with hard and massive objects.

Protect your jewelry from impact , scratches and contact with chemicals. We recommend that you do not use them while bathing.

Daily exposure to creams, skin oils, hair sprays, household chemicals and other substances may cause some oxidation of the material and consequently loss of the natural shine of the metal and plated.

A safe way to clean your jewelry it is with a soft brush and warm soapy water.

When using jewelry cleaners always read labels to make sure they are suitable for plated metals.

Plated materials are created with the application of a surface layer that inevitably disappears over time. If you would like your jewelry to be plated again, we will do it with pleasure, for a small fee.

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